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Greenery - The Garden Nursery.  A Wholesale Plant Nursery open to the Public.  We believe in honest pricing and exceptional service and work hard to provide you with an amazing variety of plants. Whether you’re looking to purchase one or two,  or multiple plants to help you to landscape your gardens for less,  we’re here to help with good advice. Let us know what you are looking to achieve in your garden and we’ll happily assist you in any way we can.

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G A R D E N    I N S P I R A T I O N 


Glossy evergreen foliage for formal box hedges, or topiary work.  Hardy and suitable for most cool or warm areas.  Japanese Box has lighter green more rounded leaves than the English Box.

Gardenia and buxus hedging.jpg
Dwarf Bamboo Hedge.jpg


Clumping variety with evergreen foliage, this bamboo is one of the most attractive hedging or screening plants. Fast growing, the Chinese Dwarf Bamboo is a quick and inexpensive option for creating a lush beautiful privacy screen.


Agapanthus is a genus of flower plants with six to ten species depending on how the different species are classified. They are all perennial plants native to South Africa. 

They are a popular and versatile plant that love full sun exposure but will grow well in the shade.  Brilliant for covering banks and places where low maintenance is required.


In Summer the plant is decorated with Umbrella-like clusters of funnel-shaped flowers atop tall leafless stalks, in varying shades of blue - from purple navy through to smokey greys and whites.

The Agapanthus also makes a very effective pot plant as the leaves are vigorous and lush all year long.  Even the seed heads look attractive at the end of summer.




Among the most colourful of all foliage plants.  The leaves can vary in shape, size and colour, most are variegated.  In warm humid gardens crotons make colourful hedging, border and accent plants.



Mock Orange or Orange Jessamine.  A neat evergreen shrub or small tree with aromatic clusters of creamy white flowers and shiny rich green leaves.  Ideal for frost-free climates it is a popular hedge and screening plant for full sun or partial shade.


Gardenia Radicans is a compact ground covering variety renowned for its highly perfumed creamy flowers and glossy green foliage

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